Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two key theological issues currently facing the church and society, and how they shape my ministry.

Relevance and fear are two key issues.

The church and society are caught in a “fog of fear”. Where is our joy and on what do we meditate? (Phil. 4) Where is the peace that Christ promises? (John 14)  Where is our hope? (Rom. 5) Where do we place our trust? (Prov. 3) Have we forgotten that nothing separates us from God? (Rom. 8)

In worship, gathered as the people of God, we pray and sing, we hear God’s word and experience the Holy Spirit’s movement. In receiving the sacraments, we are nourished and remember. We are once again ready to be sent out to love, extend God’s mercy, share Christ’s peace and let the Spirit work through us so that others may be free. Living out that call is the ministry of the church. We have been blessed to be a blessing.(Gen.12) This transforms how we love, how we serve, how we seek justice, how we care for our world and our neighbors both in the pew and around the block.

It is through our worship and our sending out where we cultivate the relevance of God for ourselves, our church and our society. As I listen to people tell their stories, I hear the question: Does our faith and discipleship truly matter? I believe people are leaving the Church and organized religion because they have ceased finding a connection between their faith and the rest of their lives. The teaching and ministry of the church must be tangible. Ministry has to be the place where faith is hands-on, where we live and walk with the sacred and secular just as Christ did.