Understanding of Ministry and Gifts

 I believe it is the task and call of Teaching Elders (Ministers of Word and Sacrament) to engage the people of God in pursuing who they were created to be, and how they can serve the community to which God calls them. First and foremost, my ministry moves out of my faith and desire for others to know Christ. This belief is central to who I am and what I do. My primary ministry style is relational – an outgrowth of my gifts of both hospitality and teaching. I create environments and foster conversations that give people freedom to explore and ask questions about who they are and how they see and experience God.  I’m an equipper and encourager. These gifts along with my heart as a team player call others into ministry by delegation and
a spirit of “all hands on deck”.  A community chipping in together, each offering their gifts, contributes to the tasks of the ministry, drawing us together as the body of Christ. My gifts of preaching, teaching, organization, pastoral care and walking with people in their faith journeys are part of what I bring and love in ministry. 
My enthusiasm, faith and deep sense of hope are contagious. My balance of theology, approachability, humor and thoughtfulness are gifts I willingly offer.